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An open source permissionless gaming ecosystem built on StarkNet; a L2 Zero-Knowledge rollup.

Settling of The Realms

The worlds first L2 MMOCCG resource management game.

Settling of the Realms is the first game of the Realmverse, and is the economic pillar that lays the foundation for an ever expanding on-chain economy. The game is centered around 3 core tenets: Realms, $LORDS and Resources.


Realms are the productive assets in this world. They are macro economic drivers that keep the resources flowing. There are 8000 Realms with varying rarity spread across the Realmverse.

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$LORDS is your liquidity in and out of the game. You need it to transact on all the marketplaces and all assets are denominated in it. The way to get $LORDS is either by Settling your Realm or purchasing on Uniswap.


Resources are the composable assets of the Realmverse. When settled, Realms generate one or more of 22 resources, which have varying rarity and are required for all purchases and crafting within the world.