on-chain gaming Hackathon

Build the next generation
of web3 games with a
$10,000 prize +
50,000 LORDS bounty

On-chain and eternal.

Choose one of these paths in the hack

  1. Build a game forked from, or interacting with, the existing Realms game modules.

    There are two Realms games (details of Realms: ETERNUM and Realms: ADVENTURERS below). You can add a module that calls these contracts, adding a new game mode. Or you can fork these contracts and create a new game from them.

  2. Create a tool to help gamers play one of the Realms games.

    The Realms games are complex and involve deep interaction with the blockchain. Perhaps you can design and build a module to reduce friction, increase enjoyability or give players an edge.

  3. Create an on-chain game.

    Any mini-game you want. Perhaps a PVP auto battler? Or an ephemeral conquest game.

  4. Create primitive tools on your choice (anything that be used anyhow in a game).

Realms Gaming Ecosystem

For the past 9 months we have been laying the foundation for an ever expanding on-chain gaming reality. We have built the tools and tooling to allow developers to jump in and start building games. Now it is time for you to build.

On-chain games

All state and logic exist on the blockchain. There is no central server where game information is stored. Players, developers and producers become one in a permissionless game environment. These are ‘eternal games’ that will last for the length of the blockchain itself. Interoperability at the function level.

Build "Real" web3 games

Most web3 games are rubbish. Hardly fun and barely on-chain. Join our hack and help us build rich and enjoyable on-chain games. Games that push the boundaries of the new design space opened by ZK-Rollups and STARK proofs.

Why StarkNet?

The EVM is a limiting factor for game design. Fun games require rich computation. For true on-chain realities and worlds to emerge we require a new technology, and we believe that STARKS show the greatest promise to achieve this.

Prize Fund and bounty

Hackathon Prizes

First place: $5,000
Second place: $3,000
Third place: $2,000
The $LORDS Bounty: 50,000

* $LORDs tokens will be split equally among teams that create a Realms related hackathon entry that scores over 70% in the judging (full detail TBA).

Time left to start